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A Positive Brexit!

We need some positivity on a tired Tuesday to escape the boredom of politics!! If 'no deal Brexit' or any Brexit for that matter is going to happen then we need to focus on what we do best in this, off-shore wind power, further education and FARMING (69% of the country's land area). Our green & pleasant land is far more suited to naturally growing livestock than the vast, arid feed lots in many of the world's countries. Our grazed livestock have a more neutral effect on the environment, as their methane emissions oxidise into carbon dioxide in a balanced way to support plant growth (ie. their grazing). Our hill farms and our lowland grazing areas can often only be grazed due to their topography. We love the notional idea of 're-wilding' the country - but is this really the best idea for us as a nation? We think it's great that consumers are slightly reining back the amount of meat they eat, as it means people are thinking about where it's coming from, and buying better quality. But ultimately, we need to eat, and that provision needs to be made, and made very well. Exotics aside (let's leave them to what they do best, in the sunshine!), should we really be importing our food from countries that do not have the appropriate climate or topography to produce livestock and grow crops in as environmentally friendly manner? The environment is so important to us, and as farmers we do a pretty good job of being guardians of our beautiful landscape. Let's get behind British farming. Support seasonal produce, buy-less-buy-better, and let's all try our best to reduce food waste. Farming isn't a typical commodity market - it takes years to plan and adapt to external changes. So as a message to consumers and government, please don't be short-termist and panic about food shortages and negotiate low or tariff-free import deals to all and sundry. Let's be proud of our nation's produce and embrace it through some potentially turbulent times on the supermarket shelves - there will always be a local farm shop with ample produce available, grown & made on the doorstep 😁😁

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